The Stone Man

Once upon a time, men lived and worked in caves. They depended on the solid protection afforded by the rock. Unfortunately, they couldn’t always find a cave where they needed one. Hernias happened to those who tried to move their cave to a better location. As the need developed for men to be near their flocks, fields and mines, they decided to construct their shelters with the same sticks they used for fire – what the heck, they were gathering them anyway.

This wasn’t a very good solution. Stick houses leaked and were drafty but it was the best primitive men could do. They regretted leaving the solidity of their caves but it was necessary. As time went by, they improved upon the stick house as well as their technology allowed. It leaked less but was still drafty – and there was always that pesky fire thing.

The Romans discovered concrete and a new way to build was born. It solved the fire and termite problems and could last for centuries – but concrete construction needed skilled workers and was only for the rich. The common man eyed concrete houses with a smile of unrequited love and returned to building stick houses.

Centuries marched onward with technology advancing mankind’s understanding of the universe. Giant strides were made in medicine, communication and transportation. Electricity was tamed and polystyrene was discovered. Men even walked on the moon – and yet . . . men still lived in stick houses. They still leaked, were drafty, were hard to heat and cool, sometimes blew down, and that troublesome fire thing still persisted. Oh, yes, there have been improvements – asphalt shingles now cover roofs, spun glass partially fills the cracks, and alarms notify you when the house is burning, but no true advancements in home buildings were made for centuries.

Until now.

A new, more intelligent way to build has arrived. With several perfect marriages of the old and the new, Simply Better Construction LLC combines concrete, polystyrene, rebar and vinyl into the next generation of residential and commercial building technologies.

Simply Better Construction offers and supports:
* – Fox High Performance Wall Systems
* – Concrete Floor and Roof Systems
* – European Windows

We also recommend complementary technologies such as:
* – InFloor Radiant Heat
* – Hardi-Plank siding
* – WaterFurnace Geothermal Heat Pumps

to bring to you construction that is:
* – Solid as a rock – pun intended
* – Energy Efficient
* – Comfortable
* – Low-cost
* – Healthy
* – Low-maintenance
* – Quiet
* – Safe
* – Rapid construction
* – A thinking man’s dream

Let us show you how to design, implement and construct the home or building you want, with the features you want, where you want it, when you want it.

Sit in one of our buildings during a winter storm, feel how solid it is and think about the savings, and how comforting it is to be in such a place. The feeling of safety and solidity harkens back to the old days of being sheltered by a strong cave. At last, something man has been longing for since the early days – a rock-solid home or workplace he can build anywhere.