Fire Protection

Protection from fire damage may be exterior, against grass or forest fire, or interior, as a demising wall between town homes.

In early spring 2014, a cigarette from a car caught fire to the dry Bermuda grass sod landscaping a three town home building in Riverwood Subdivision in Greenville.  The fire swept across the sod and caught fire to the pine privacy fences behind all three units.  It then raced up the vinyl siding on conventional OSB on pine framing, penetrating each of the units individually from the rear, destroying them before fire fighters could bring the fire under control.

We had built the two firewalls separating the three townhomes five years previously.  Expectedly, the firewalls stood unfazed; one is visible in the upper right of the photo.  The EPS had of course melted off.

My reaction was to fir out the concrete, apply drywall and rebuild on the slab.  But the insurance company argued that probable damage to the PVC plumbing and electrical components in the slab precluded that possibility.  So a backhoe tried to bring the walls down in order to rip up the slab, but a larger track hoe had to be brought in to tear them down in order to haul the rubble to the landfill.

Apparent is the #4 rebar that had reinforced the wall.

We rebuilt the two walls later that summer.